Daily Archives: December 22, 2011

Even More Money Saving

Truth be told, I am naturally very cheap except when buying bikes or a few other toys. Paying hundreds of dollars for basic maintenance on our car is one of the costs I have mostly managed to avoid.  I say mostly, because I have had to buy things like oil, automatic transmission fluid, a transmission cooler, oil filters, gear oil etc.  I have not however paid anyone absurd sums of money to perform what should be simple routine tasks. Yes, I do wish I could have simply avoided all this maintenance by not doing it at all, but breaking down in the middle of nowhere at random is just not fun and it eats into ride time. Just ask my brother Nate. One day, years ago we were supposed to go ride and instead spent the day in the driveway trying to fix yet another brake failure on my infamous Chevy Lumina.

I have recently been inspired to branch out even further in my cost avoidance. and cut my own hair. What could have inspired this? The Dirtbag Diaries of course. Their Lifestyle Tips for the Committed piece really applies to our lifestyle on the road.  What I’m going to tell you next will make more sense if you take a listen to the podcast using the link above.

I broke away from things my teenage self said and moved to Northern Virginia for two and a half years where nearby trails are not abundant. Now I am making up for lost mountain bike rides by hitting trails all over the US and Canada.  Dean, in the podcast talks about prioritizing adventure and fun over “real world” expectations.  He put cutting your own hair in the context of clinging to a life dominated by fun and passion rather than real world adult things like mortgage payments. Brilliant!  As soon as I heard the episode I was determined to try it.  Yes, as Dean says, it is better than paying for a nearly blind old man to nearly cut off your ear or worse yet shelling out money for someone to perform a simple task for me. What a sucker I was for all those years paying for haircuts! With a pair of my mom’s sewing scissors, good lighting, and some touch up work by Sharon, I look perfectly normal.

Before and after