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46th Week in Review: Happy Holidays

holiday lights tunnel at train park

Holiday lights tunnel at Train Park

I would like to start this week’s review by wishing you all happy holidays and hope that you are enjoying your respective celebrations.  Jay and I have begun our holiday festivities, visiting Jay’s grandmother in Prescott and accompanying our niece Laya to the holiday fun at the train park.  I also had the chance to celebrate an early Christmas virtually by setting up a google video chat with my Tewksbury relatives as they gathered to open presents.  Of course the week of Christmas is also a busy one at my UPS job and now that the kids are home we are often greeted with squeals of delight by young children who see us as the modern day Santa bringing their presents right to their doorstep.  We had one little three year old boy run half a block to see us shouting “TRUCK, TRUCK” to his grandfather who attempted to keep up with him.  By the way, UPS drivers can’t accept tips, but they can accept small gifts, so why not treat us to some cookies or a Starbucks gift card.  =)

Laya's unbridled joy at the train park

Laya's unbridled joy at the train park

Hours volunteered:  3 hours, Sharon worked the register at the new charity resale shop, Fresh Start Treasures.

States: 1 – Arizona: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Dewey

Budget: Under

People Visited: Millie and Ken, Dan and Lisa, Kevin and Mary, and Tom and Bobbi

Nights under the stars: 0

Best meal:  Fajitas and Carnitas at Via De Los Santos Mexican Cafe – it’s great to be back in the world of great Mexican food!

Best beer:  After discovering the best place to buy beer in the Phoenix area, Tops Liquors, we’ve been tasting a wide variety of bombers.  One of our favorites from this batch was New Belgium’s Lips of Faith Fresh Hop.