45th Week in Review: Striving To Be Fully Present

A lot of people ask us what it is like to be on the road for a year.  If we think they are looking for a sincere answer, we often let them know that some days it feels like the adventure of a lifetime and other days we just feel homeless and unemployed.  Really, your experience of life boils down to perspective and your ability to appreciate the moment you are in.  Many people travel to escape from the stress of their regular life.  We imagine travel as relaxing on a beach in a tropical wonderland or tasting wine in the Italian countryside.  Truth is, if you can’t let go of whatever was bothering you at home, you are still going to be stressed out watching the sun set over the ocean.

exhibit at SMOCA

exhibit at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art

There have been plenty of times during our trip when I was in one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and I was not in a place mentally or emotionally to appreciate it.  Now that we are paused, staying in one spot for the month, I am trying to remember that travel and adventure are really a mindset and a lifestyle.  It is about looking around you and discovering something new.  About taking your dinner outside on a beautiful night to watch the sunset.  Talking to strangers and learning their stories.  Appreciating what is around you, be it family, friends, natural beauty, or cultural opportunities, and making the most of the time you have.  This week, I sang Jingle Bells with my niece and taught her to say Creosote.  Jay and I and our friend Steve visited the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art and were stunned by an exhibit about Denver International Airport hiding a congressional bunker.  I enjoyed reading two books set in Scottsdale, where I am now working as a UPS driver helper.

Jay pushing Laya on the swings

Jay pushing Laya on the swings

I strive to be curious and appreciative of the world around me.  That is the way I want to live life and I hope that saying so out loud will reinforce my goal to do so.

Hours volunteered:  5? hours, Jay worked on trails in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.

States: 1 – Arizona: Phoenix, Scottsdale

Budget: Under

People Visited: no new visits

Nights under the stars: 0

Best meal:  Sharon (with assistants Jay and Steve) made her favorite recipe, Swordfish and Fettucine

Best beer:  Odell’s Woodcut Oak Aged Ale – truly a celebration ale, we thoroughly enjoyed this special beer.


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