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Ideas for Giving Gifts that Give Back

I don’t know about you, but I still need to figure out what I am doing for Christmas gifts!  For many years, Jay and I have looked for ways to buy or make gifts in a thoughtful way that keeps on giving.  Here are some ideas for how you can give gifts that give back.  These are only a few examples; I would love to know your suggestions in the comments.

Already know that your dad wants golf clubs or your sister would love a new top?  One of the best ways to support your local community is by shopping at a local trusted retailer who supports your community and provides decent jobs.

Give of your time in honor of a friend – Why not volunteer and take pictures or write about the experience to share it with your loved one as their gift.  Or maybe you have a family member that could use your talents or assistance and you can give a coupon good for your time.

To find volunteer opportunities, search these sites:

Tewksbury/Blooms at Ronald McDonald House

Mom, sister (Nora), and Sharon at Ronald McDonald House last Christmas

Shop online like normal, but have a portion of the proceeds go to a nonprofit:

The sites below (and others like them) have set up agreements with retailers that when you use their site a portion of your purchase will go towards a nonprofit.

Let your recipient have some say in a donation:

  • Donors Choose Gift Cards – with these cards the recipient gets to a pick a project at a school to donate the gift card to.
  • Kiva Cards – with a Kiva card the recipient can choose which entrepreneur to invest in

Make a donation to your friend or family member’s favorite charity.

  • If you want to look up a nonprofit in your family member’s neighborhood or find out the stats on how a nonprofit spends their donations, check out GuideStar or Charity Navigator.

Make a donation to a charity in your friend’s name:

  • Heifer International – Heifer is always a fun one because you can buy an animal in the name of your friend that will go to a family in an impoverished country.
sharon with America the Beautiful Federal Lands Pass

One of our best Christmas gifts last year, an America the Beautiful Federal Lands Recreation Pass!