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44th Week in Review: Settling into Routine

Holt Christmas Tree

The Holt Christmas tree which I decorated

This past week I got a job and started working.  Sounds like a normal reasonable thing to do, but the experience of suddenly going back to full time work, temporary as it may be, is jarring.  For the last 10 months my time has been my own, Jay and I work together to choose how to spend our time, where to go and what type of work we want to do.  This month, I work for UPS.  Every weekday from 10:30 am to anywhere from 3 pm to 10:30 pm, I am on their time and I do whatever they need me to do.  Meanwhile, I am trying to keep writing, keep planning, and keep enjoying time with family since I know that December will be over before we know it.

the UPS jumpseat

Where I sit on the UPS truck

Even as we stay put and change routines we try to keep up the familiar from the road.  Jay has been biking and trail building.  I have been photographing and doing yoga.  We have visited a couple of breweries here in Phoenix.  This week Jay will be doing all of the necessary maintenance and improvements to our car so that we will be ready to hit the road in January.

Hours volunteered:  5? hours, Jay worked on trails in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve.  Also, Sharon submitted a conference proposal for the National Conference on Volunteering and Service

States: 1 – Arizona: Phoenix, Scottsdale

Budget: Under

People Visited: no new visits

Nights under the stars: 0

Best meal:  Amazing rosemary rotisserie turkey that Jay’s dad made, accompanied by a potluck of sides including scalloped potatoes and spanokopita.

Best beer:  BJ’s Porter (Sharon) & BJ’s Imperial Stout (Jay)