Daily Archives: December 6, 2011

Two New Blog Mentions: The Roaming Pint & Roadtrip with Reason

This morning Jay and I are popular in the blogosphere, with two separate posts that talk about our trip.

First, if you remember back to June, we were in Ontario and we visited Becky Conlon.  At the time, Becky was just preparing to leave her job and her apartment to set out on a road trip across Canada volunteering along the way.  It’s crazy how time flies!  She is already done and writing all about it on her blog, Roadtrip with Reason.  This week she wrote about volunteering with the Muskoka Foundation in Pincher Creek, Alberta, which is a project we referred her for.  Hope we get to see Becky again at some point.

Second, as we started to really get serious about visiting microbreweries I went looking for beer bloggers.  Turns out there are a ton of great beer blogs out there.  One of my new favorites is The Roaming Pint.  Each week they write about people who travel and visit breweries, and this week they are featuring Jay and me!