How Meet, Plan, Go Re-Inspired Our Road Trip

Earlier this month we attended the Meet, Plan, Go National Event in Denver.  It was great timing for us since we had just entered our 9th month on the road and we’re looking for inspiration on how to finish out the year to the fullest.  Meeting other long term travelers and sharing tips helped us try a few new things and got us thinking about what could lie ahead.

For example, so far in our trip we had been about reconnecting with family and friends along the way.  After the Meet, Plan, Go event, we started making new friends and staying with people we have just met.  In fact, at the event we met Wendy and Jim Pearson and they were nice enough to host us the following night at their home in Arvada, Colorado.  This was particularly generous since they were in the last month preparations of an overland journey around the world.

After talking with Alonna and Ben at the event, we finally signed up for CouchSurfing.  Later that week we got to meet a couchsurfer in Fort Collins who showed us around Odell Brewery.  We got to stay with a couchsurfer for the first time in Montrose, Colorado and it was a wonderful experience.  This has opened up a whole new network of travelers and hosts.

The speakers at the event also got us thinking about what we want to do with this experience in terms of sharing our stories.  Over the winter we are hoping to work on a book and also relaunch our website with a new design and new features.  We have been blogging for a full year now and have created over 200 blog posts, so we have a lot of content to sort through and work from.

Meet, Plan, Go is a great organization for connecting people and ideas.  It was inspiring to realize how many people are like us.  At the same time I started to see how we are different.  I no longer see our trip as a “career break”.  This experience is redefining our lives and helping us see a different way to live.  This is not a break from regular life or a break from a career path, it is a 90 degree turn and we are still discovering where it can take us.

Our plans are wide open after Thanksgiving, so if you have suggestions for where we should go next or a cool volunteer project we could work on, please let us know.


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