41st Week in Review: Back to the Beginning, Inside Grand Canyon

side canyon in grand canyon

Side canyon in Grand Canyon

Jay and I first started flirting at the Grand Canyon.  It was October 2003, we were part of NAU’s Grand Canyon Semester and although we had been in class together for several weeks, we hadn’t really noticed one another until we got to the canyon.  After 10 days on the South Rim we got to the highlight of the semester, a 10 day white water rafting trip on the Colorado River from Lees Ferry to Phantom Ranch.  And now, eight years later as you read this we are back at Phantom Ranch.  This time, we came down from the South Rim along the trail on foot and will be going back the same way on Friday.  We are working as volunteers for the National Park Service, removing tamarisk, an invasive plant that runs amok in along the Colorado River.

Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

Colorado River in the Grand Canyon

After leaving the canyon this coming weekend we will be working our way south to Phoenix, our western headquarters.  We are really looking forward to time with family and desert living.  We will probably be putting the blog on hiatus during Thanksgiving week as we make some changes to it, so stayed tuned for a new look and more stories from the road.

Hours volunteered:  48 hours (combined) removing tamarisk in the Grand Canyon

States: 2 – Colorado – Ridgway, Ouray, Durango, Cortez; Arizona – Grand Canyon National Park

Budget: under

People Visited: Bob and Kay

Nights under the stars: 4 – Grand Canyon National Park

Best meal: Reuben sandwich and huevos rancheros at Kate’s Place in Ridgway, CO

Best beer:  Winter Ale from Durango Brewing (Sharon) and Hoperation Fresh Hop Ale from Ska Brewing (Jay)


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