Photo Review: Hanging Lake, Glenwood Canyon, CO

Sunday afternoon on our way from Avon to Grand Junction we stopped to hike to Hanging Lake.  It was a cold but clear afternoon.  The trail was covered in a thin coating of snow and ice, but with the help of good boots and trekking poles we made it up into the canyon to this magical lake.  It was the most astonishing sight of natural beauty I have seen since Canyonlands.  Hopefully these photos will share some of that amazing beauty with you.

Hanging Lake

Hanging Lake

tree on hanging lake trail

stellar jay

A Stellar Jay that kept hiding from my camera lens

icicles formed all over the creek that runs beside the trail

reflections in hanging lake

reflections in Hanging Lake

Pouring rock, that feeds Hanging Lake, as seen from the back

the wall behind pouring rock

Hanging Lake

The splash zone of pouring Rock

icicles touching Hanging Lake


5 responses to “Photo Review: Hanging Lake, Glenwood Canyon, CO

  1. Magnificent; makes me feel like I was there!

  2. Takes me back to the pocket magnificence of the glacial pool with icebergs at Mt Edith Cavel in Alberta but more intimate in this case.

    Your last humble pic of the “wood family” amused.

  3. Thanks for sharing those photographs. They were very well done and capture the beauty of the area and of the seasons.

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