40th Week In Review: Colorado, Playing in Snow and dirt

Interstate 70 between Palisade and Avon, CO

Interstate 70 between Palisade and Avon, CO

During this week we took the opportunity to visit Avon and stay in a vacation rental that Jay’s parents let us use.  Avon is a small ski town near Vail and it is located in a beautiful mountain valley.  We enjoyed having a nice warm place to stay where we could cook and catch up on the business of life, paying bills, responding to email, and updating the blog.  We particularly enjoyed having our new friends Leslie and Chris over for dinner.  We even went out for lunch and a movie, something we haven’t done before on this trip.  Thanks Cindi and Morgan for this opportunity!

Jay on Hanging Lake Trail

Jay on Hanging Lake Trail

On Sunday we left Avon, hiking to Hanging Lake and then spending one more night in Grand Junction before heading south to Montrose.  We have enjoyed having an excuse to visit Montrose, a small friendly city about 1 hour south of Grand Junction.  We came to build a pump track with volunteers from COPMOBA and as of 4 pm today, we have moved enough dirt around to create a fun new place for the residents of Montrose to practice their skills on the bike.  In the process we’ve made new friends and found yet another place that we could imagine coming back to settle.

Hours volunteered:  23 hours (combined)

States: 1 – Colorado – Avon, Grand Junction, Montrose

Budget: not sure

People Visited: Leslie and Chris Kehmeier, Pat and Cindy Kennedy

Nights under the stars: 0 

Best meal: Jay’s bacon wrapped pork tenderloin was pretty incredible.

Since we were staying in Avon during the shoulder season we also went out for 50% off sushi at Nozawa Sushi

Best beer:  Agave Brown Ale (Sharon) and Scottish Ale (Jay), Horsefly Brewing Company


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