Bacon and Pork Come From the Same Wonderful Animal

bacon wrapped pork tenderloin

The bacon wrapped pork tenderloin before it went on the grill

While we were staying in Avon, CO. we had a room with no stove but it did have a nice gas grill on the balcony so cooking was no problem.  I made a bacon-wrapped pork tenderloin.

bacon wrapped pork tenderloin

The finished product

I placed the tenderloin on a big plate and let it sit out to warm up some so it was not right out of the fridge cold. Then I rubbed it down with some Cajun style seasoning mix from our friends (the Wimmers) and a little bit of McCormick Montreal steak seasoning.  Next up was the bacon wrap.  I stretched the bacon tight around it using several pieces in a spiral and then tied it up.  Meanwhile I had a large cast iron skillet sitting on the grill heating up to about 400 °F.  Once that cast iron was good and hot I put the tenderloin on and let it cook about two minutes on four sides.  This scortched it just a little bit and sealed in the flavor.  Then I turned down the heat and covered it and let it cook about 15 minutes on one side.  Next, I threw some sliced red onions in the empty space on either side of it in the skillet.  Turning it over, I covered it again and let it cook at 300 °F with the lid down for another 15 minutes.  I did quickly turn the onions a few times while it cooked.  Finally, I took it off of the cast iron and let it rest for 10 min.  It was delicious.


3 responses to “Bacon and Pork Come From the Same Wonderful Animal

  1. Jay, this sounds wonderful!!!! As you know, pork is my favorite meat also. I’m going to give this a try. I assume you used the skillet instead of putting it right on the grill so you could sear it first? and do the onions later? I might try it right on the grill. How do you think that would work? Keep up the good work!!

    • Yes I used the cast iron on the grill to sear it and the pork remained in the cast ion during the whole cook process. This is why the onions turn out so well, they cook in the bacon grease and juices. Right on the grill would probably work alright, however I would be worried about sticking while searing it so starting with a well oiled grill grate for searing the pork roll would be important.

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