North Fruita Desert, 18 Road Trail System, Fruita, CO

Fruita desert

North Fruita desert

On our way through Fruita, Colorado Sharon and I rode and camped in the North Fruita Desert right next to the 18 Road trail system.  This area is the smoothest and most flowing in the Grand Junction / Fruita region.  My top two favorites are Zippity Do Da and Chutes and Ladders to Edge Loop. Joe’s Ridge and Zippity Do Da both offer fast steep exposed trail that goes right down a ridge line.  It looks intimidating and sort of is because of the speed you can carry, but the trail tread is smooth and most of the turns are nice, wide, sweeping and a little banked.  This whole trail system could be easily ridden in two days or one super epic day.  One day for everything besides the Edge Loop and one day for the Edge Loop.  The area is not without a few tough climbs, Prime Cut to Chutes and Ladders offers up a tough climb with multiple short steep pitches and a switchback or two.  The speed and flow are what make the campground and parking areas fill up.  This is a very popular trail system, because of its fun for everyone factor.

Riding the whole Edge Loop is something I have in my sights, as I just have not got a chance to yet.

Sharon here, adding my two cents since I had the opportunity to ride this trail system as well.  Kessel Run is the only trail marked as beginner and it is a ton of fun.  You can ride it in both directions and it is just made for a fun rollercoaster ride.  Kids love this trail, which can be a bit hard on the ego, but also inspiring to watch a seven year old girl flying both up and down the trail (while guys with big heavy bikes get their friends to shuttle them up the road).  I am also really stoked about the new trail we helped work on, Down Uppity.  You can get to it from Vegetarian (an easy but pretty boring connector trail) and it is a smooth easy route.  It is only harder than Kessel Run in terms of being up on a rise with a bit of exposure at times, but it is every bit as flowing.


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