Grand Junction Lunch Loop Trail System

I will start with a map.

Map of lunch loop trail system



Lunch Loop BLM Map [PDF]  – Trail conditions and info available on COPMOBA’s site.

Yes, this time I actually remembered to take a few photos. Still cell phone pictures, no helmet mount video cam yet. Which is sad because I had a great day on the bike and managed to ride nearly everything I tried. Not wanting to snap my fork or jaw bone, with no full face helmet, I skipped two large drops.  That said I also rode many of the big drops.

This system runs the full range from the flowing, easy Kids Meal Loop to the full on, big obstacle free ride session offered up at Free Lunch.  I took a bit of time and rode a lot of the trails in the system.  After more than three hours of riding I still missed a few, but hopefully I can ride them when we pass through Grand Junction again.  I started by climbing a good deal, up Tabeguache.  I then turned and climbed Pre-Nup.  Climbing Pre-Nup is a good challenge.  I was up to most of it except one switchback that was ridiculously steep increasing radius turn with ledges.  Coming down the switchback would probably be a lot of fun.  From the top of Pre-Nup I picked up Lunch Line and rode it to the start of Free Lunch.

View from top of Free Lunch

I of course stopped to snap the photo of the view above, then on to Free Lunch.

Free Lunch screening drop

The rock shown in the photo above is a ramp that drops into the start of Free Lunch.  There is a sign next to it explaining that this is a difficult trail and if the first drop is too much you should pick another trail.  I rolled this one at a good clip.  There are much bigger more technical drops later on that are optional.  I went for one of the bigger drops and it was actually quite smooth.  Later on in the ride there is no clearly defined trail, only boundary markers to stay within.  This was a lot of fun, picking an interesting but not too interesting line.  From the bottom of Free Lunch it was on to Holy Cross.  Holy Cross was super fun with some good solid rock gardens, ledges and other features and also a good bit of speed and flow.  No wonder everyone that lives around here says Holy Cross is a must ride.  From the end of Holy Cross I rode Ali Ali to Raven Ridge and climbed the ridge.  From here I took High Noon back over to Pucker Up.

start of Pucker Up trail

The rock berm in the center was even more fun than it looks.  At the bottom of Pucker Up I took the Tabeguache trail down to Curt’s Lane. I hadn’t planned on being out so long, but once I got warmed up I just didn’t want to stop.  Still plenty of stuff I did not ride left for next time.  Just a great day on the bike.


2 responses to “Grand Junction Lunch Loop Trail System

  1. Such a fun place to ride, I have not ridden half of the trails. Just don’t even think about a wet ride there. Gumbo and a 100 lb bike in 10 minutes! Yep a camera would be fun!

  2. I love the names of the trails!! Thanks for taking pictures to share with us couch potatoes.

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