38th Week in Review: A wonderful land of beer, bikes and snow

snow on the car in Fort Collins

snow on the car in Fort Collins

Before we get into the week that was, I have to make note of the specialness of this day.  Today we are celebrating being exactly 1 year away from getting married.  I was calling this our -1 year anniversary, but Jay said that phrase does not make any sense because you can’t celebrate the anniversary of something that hasn’t happened yet.  He didn’t think “ground zero” was an appropriate reference either, so now I will just say the longer phrase that we are getting married 1 year from today.  Yay!

Live bat presentation at the Wildlife Experience

Live bat presentation at the Wildlife Experience

So anyways, we have spent the week (and will spend the rest of the month) in Colorado.  Colorado is one of those states that I have always thought that I would want to move to, but I could never decide where exactly.  We have visited several cities and towns along the Front Range and I think Fort Collins and Longmont are my favorites, but I’m not completely sold on either one.  This week we’ll get to explore what they call the Western Slope, so maybe we’ll have a new favorite place by the end of the month.

buds for boobies poster

Only in Colorado....

What is clear after this week is that Colorado is a mecca for microbreweries and for outdoor recreation.  We can not keep up with all there is to taste and do.  Jay is working on a very extensive brewery review that will be up soon.

Hours volunteered: 14 hours (combined) building stone steps on a climbing access trail in Garden of the Gods for Make a Difference Day

States: 1 – Colorado – Denver, Arvada, Fort Collins, Boulder, Longmont, Nederland, Colorado Springs, Parker, Canon City

Budget: over – we splurged on a hotel in Fort Collins since it was set to snow the night we visited.  We also joined CouchSurfing this week and look forward to tapping into that network in the future.

People Visited: Wendy and Jim Pearson, Shannon, Sarah, Sam, and Savannah Myers, Roger Ratcliff and Donna Young

Nights under the stars: 1 – free campground near Nederland, CO

Best meal:  We were treated to many amazing meals at Jay’s cousin Shannon’s house, particular stand outs were a breakfast casserole with lots of bacon and teriyaki salmon.

Two other shout outs go to Yak and Yeti in Arvada for delicious Indian food and Fort Collins Brewery for their bacon wrapped pretzel.

Best beer:  This is ridiculously hard this week because we have visited 10 breweries.  A few standouts include:  the Chai Milk Stout at Yak and Yeti, the Common Ground coffee infused amber ale at Fort Collins, the Home Plate Stout at New Belgium, and the Sawtooth Ale on cask at Left Hand.

Breweries we visited this week: Wild Mountain Brewery and Smokehouse in Nederland, Yak & Yeti in Arvada, Left Hand and Oskar Blues in Longmont, Trinity and Phantom Canyon in Colorado Springs, New Belgium, Odell, & Fort Collins in Fort Collins, and Upslope in Boulder


4 responses to “38th Week in Review: A wonderful land of beer, bikes and snow

  1. On Willie’s birthday! How cool!

  2. Chai Milk Stout sounds awesome. I wonder if anyone around here makes some?

    • This was the first ever Indian Restaurant / Brewery we have ever been to or heard of. Apparently the building used to house a brewery and when they went out of business it was bought by an Indian family that decided to keep brewing but add some Indian flair. They also do a fantastic India Pale Ale, fittingly enough.

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