36th Week in Review: Moab – A Future Home?

Apologies … on Sunday night right before our White Rim adventure, I got very sick with what we are guessing was food poisoning.  I had intended to finish a few posts that would go live while we were in Canyonlands, but I never got to it.  Luckily, I recovered within 24 hours and was able to enjoy the White Rim, but we now have a backlog of posts that will be going up over the upcoming week.

Sunset over Sand Flats

Sunset over Sand Flats above Moab

We have spent the entire week in Moab, Utah and the surrounding area and we LOVE it.  We suffered 35 mile per hour winds, hail, flash rain, and frost.  We still love it.  This is the first town since Rossland, British Columbia that has left us wondering how we could move here.  The locals are friendly, there are a variety of awesome restaurants, a quirky thrift store, locally planned activities every weekend, happy looking kids, and of course, world-class mountain biking.

Hours volunteered: 2 hours (Sharon) pricing halloween costumes at the Wabi Sabi Thrift Store in Moab

States: 1 – Utah, Moab, Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park

Budget: under since Jay’s parents have been treating

People Visited: on Saturday we met up with the White Rim bicycle gang led by Jay’s parents, Morgan and Cindi Holt.

Nights under the stars: 6 – Sand Flats Recreation Area, Colorado River, Canyonlands Campground, Canyonlands National Park

Best meal:  We loved all of the meals on the White Rim trip.  The food was coordinated by Pat and Cindy Kennedy and they should have their own overland catering company.  Cindy made special bacon cheddar muffins for Jay and they made a special batch of chicken stew for me when the rest of the group had shrimp stew (which Jay says was one of his favorites).  There were lots of healthy delicious offerings including fresh tomatoes from their garden.  Thanks again Pat and Cindy!!

Moab Brewery, Miguels Baja Grill, Love Muffin Cafe and Wake n’ Bake Cafe also deserve shout outs for great food and fun atmospheres.

Best beer: Moab Brewery‘s Black Raven Oatmeal Stout


3 responses to “36th Week in Review: Moab – A Future Home?

  1. would love to have u guys living in the SW again! glad the food bug passed quickly, Sharon.


  2. Moab sounds awesome and with a sunset like that, who wouldn’t want to go back!?

    • Yes, of course a great sunset like that usually requires a storm. That was one of the worst nights for sleeping in the tent with constant blowing sand. Beautiful though!

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