35th Week in Review: Entering a Landscape of Canyons

hogan in chinle

Our home for 2 nights, a hogan near Chinle on the Navajo Reservation

This week started with us volunteering at Chinle Junior High School through the Muskoka Foundation.  This is our second project with the Muskoka Foundation and it was easier the second time around.  We only had two days with the students and we were fortunate to be able to stay in the school counselor’s family hogan just outside of Chinle.  I still consider this sleeping under the stars since a hogan is designed with a large hole in the roof for smoke to escape out of.  For us it afforded a chance to watch the stars.  The hogan was surrounded by houses and dirt roads and we also got to watch a young cowboy herding some horses over the hillside.  We noted the irony that all the true cowboys left are indians.

goat heads

Turns out there is another desert plant at least as evil as Russian Thistle... the Goat Head!! These are the seed pods which have multiple thorns so that they are sure to stick to you no matter which way you step on them.

After Chinle, we headed north and crossed into Utah again.  We enjoyed Goosenecks state park, braved the Moki Dugway road up the mesa, and hiked to Anazazi ruins in Grand Gulch primitive area.  We continued to move closer and closer to canyon country, biking in the Manti La Sal national forest and finally coming into Moab, Utah where we will stay through the next week.

Abajo peak in fall

Abajo peak is all kinds of colorful right now

Hours volunteered: 20 hours (combined) to run a mini photography workshop at Chinle Junior High School through the Muskoka Foundation

States: 2 – Arizona, Chinle;  and Utah, Blanding, Goosenecks State Park, Natural Bridges National Monument, Monticello, Moab

Budget: may have gone over with our splurge on a restaurant meal this week

People Visited: none

Nights under the stars: 7, hogan in Chinle, Cedar Mesa, Manti La Sal National Forest, Sand Flats Recreation Area

Best meal: Butternut squash ravioli with red onion, bacon, and asparagus (cooked by Jay)

Best beer:  Uinta Brewery‘s Kings Peak Porter


2 responses to “35th Week in Review: Entering a Landscape of Canyons

  1. Goat Head – nature’s caltrop!

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