34th Week in Review: Seeing All of Northernmost Arizona

Sharon at bucks farm point

Sharon at Bucks Farm point overlooking Marble Canyon

We have had a busy and beautiful week.  We were set to connect with our 2nd Grand Canyon Trust volunteer trip on Thursday at the Kane Ranch, so we headed down through Utah via the Scutumpah Road (a scenic dirt road that takes you by Bryce Canyon, Pink Cliffs, White Cliffs, and Grey Cliffs).  We had heard from our friend Kirstin, that we had to try mountain biking on the Rainbow Rim trail that overlooks the north rim of the Grand Canyon.  It was awesome and we will be adding a post about that any day now.  After our ride, and a celebratory milkshake from Jacob Lake Inn, we managed to find a wonderful free campsite halfway down the Kaibab plateau, that overlooked the Vermillion Cliffs.  It was a great introduction to the area where we would be volunteering for the weekend.

swimmers in Lake Powell

Hanging out in Lake Powell (ie, the flooded Glen Canyon)

So from Thursday through Sunday we were volunteering on the Kane Ranch (post to come in the next few days).  We made new friends, ate great food, and watched the sunset every night from the porch of a ranch house built in the mid-1800’s.  What an awesome opportunity.  From there we had a few days until we were scheduled to volunteer in Chinle, so we continued to explore, camping on the edge of Marble Canyon (which leads into the Grand Canyon), swimming in Lake Powell, and then camping on the edge of Thousand Pockets near the historic Dominguez and Escalante route.  We rounded out our tour of northernmost Arizona by driving from Page to Chinle, where we are now volunteering through the Muskoka Foundation.  Jay and I consider ourselves very fortunate to have now thoroughly covered the top of the state.  It is a fascinating and varied landscape.

canyon de chelly spider rock view

View of Spider Rock (spire) at Canyon de Chelly near Chinle, AZ


Hours volunteered: 48 hours (combined) working on the Kane Ranch Native Plant demonstration garden with Grand Canyon Trust and restoring Mule deer habitat in the Kaibab National Forest for National Public Lands Day

States: 2 – Arizona, Kaibab National Forest, Kane Ranch, Page, Chinle;  and Utah (though only in Utah for a couple of hours to go swimming in Lake Powell)

Budget: under

People Visited: none

Nights under the stars: 4, Kaibab National Forest, BLM land near Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, Canyon De Chelly

Best meal: All of the meals at the Kane Ranch were awesome, but eating Bacon Cheeseburgers with Kane beef on National Public Lands day was particularly special

Best beer:  Ska Brewery Ten Pin Porter — picked up a great sampler pack in Page


2 responses to “34th Week in Review: Seeing All of Northernmost Arizona

  1. I still want to do a supported ride that will combine Rainbow Rim and AZ trails with the last stop being the East Rim Overlook. And throw in a hard ass day ride to Point Sublime and back on the north rim.

  2. Yea, that sounds awesome. The Rainbow Rim stretch is not too technical and would work find for a self-supported ride too. Or, you could camp at the midway point and ride in one direction one day and the other direction the next.

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