Stevens Locker – local bacon

Stevens Locker is a meat processor located in Loa, Utah. When we passed through Loa it was not open, in fact nothing was that Sunday. However, further down the road in Torrey Utah, we stopped in at the only store that appeared to have groceries and discovered that they were selling meat from Stevens Locker. We got some bacon, and I later regretted not also getting some steaks. The steaks looked perfect and were reasonably priced. However we do not have a grill with us on our travels. Ok, now back to the bacon. This stuff was classic, average leanness somewhere between fatty end pieces and center cut, average thickness too. This bacon would go well with any recipe. The curing was light and not overdone and the natural flavor really came out. There was also an overall quality of freshness. This stuff is basically classic typical bacon. Good stuff. It definitely makes me want to try other meats and different, more extreme bacon cuts from Stevens Locker.


One response to “Stevens Locker – local bacon

  1. Just the other day I saw some awesome looking thick sliced Smoked Bacon at the smoked meat specialty section in the Fair Lakes Whole Foods and thought about how we should try it out the next time you are in town

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