Brian Head to Panguitch Ride


Jay starting bike ride in Brian Head

Starting the ride near the Brian Head peak

This ride was totally unplanned and short but sweet.  Sharon and I were going thru Brian Head on our way to Loa, UT and when we drove up to the top of the peak I decided I should ride from the trailhead just below the peak to the campground by Panguitch Lake. The first segment of this ride up to the Banner Creek trailhead was rocky in places with a few little high speed traverses and the occasional optional rock drop. It went by extremely fast as there was hardly any climbing involved.  In fact, on the whole this ride was almost entirely downhill. The scenery is also excellent.

Banner creek, Brian Head, Ut

My broken foot was still hurting some at the time so it was good to have an easy ride.  The 12-13 or so miles simply flew by. Riding in this area reminded me of many years ago riding here with my whole family. This is where my dad Morgan caught the mountain bike bug. What was an epic then is now something I could probably crank out in less than 45 min now. Wow, my skills and the bikes we are all riding these days have come a long ways!  This ride is still a classic.  It’s easy for me to forget about the now simple seeming rock outcropping and short steep eroded sections now, but they would still serve up a challenge to any beginning mountain biker.


4 responses to “Brian Head to Panguitch Ride

  1. We rode this on hard tail and rigid forks Jay! Our very first real out of town adventure packed Mt Biking trip. How could you not get addicted! Still one could ride up it first and then ride back down and make it a bit more of a ride….;>)

  2. If I remember the story correctly Mom got all of three of you boys mountain biking.

  3. Yes, correct as usual! That is how it happened. They were good sports but not entirely happy until we got going, Hard to believe it now 🙂

  4. Correct as usual Kevin! That is indeed where it happened. They were good sports but a little skeptical as the ride started. It was all good by the end.

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