Post from Jay, Mountain Biking in The Dells, Prescott


Well I am sure some of you are wondering why all the beer and bacon lately?, where has Jay been riding in the last few weeks?  Well, the last off road ride I got to do was some time near the end of August.  That ride was in The Dells near Willow Lake, which is the Granite boulder filled area of Prescott, Arizona.  This area is filled with trails that are routed on solid rock.  I was lucky enough to have my brother and dad join me for this ride.  We went into the new subdivision for older adults and parked there.  From there we went to the huge slick solid rock area shown below to play.  The short trail that takes you here is tough with lots of steep rock faces.


From here we went to the Willow Lake Loop. This is one of the toughest trails in the area and following the dotted white lines over boulders and rock piles along the lake shore is really challenging; plenty of steep stuff, tight turns and up and down. This thing is way harder than the famous Slick Rock Loop Trail in Moab, Utah. This is where the ride went wrong for me. I was up on a narrow series of rocks piled up to provide a somewhat rideable line over a boulder and my front wheel got caught in a rut causing me to come to a stop. I then faltered, tried to regain my balance, and fell over with my left foot caught. My foot remained caught and wrenched my tours in an odd direction. We decided to turn around and ride the adjacent area.


This area is an entire new stacked loop system in its own right, that will eventually connect with the Willow Lake system, which already connects with the well known Peavine Trail. You can see more about this new area and watch a helmet can video on PMBA’s website here More reasons why Prescott is becoming a mountain bike hotspot.



By the time we returned to the car, my foot was swollen and not feeling good at all.

Fast forward to staying with Rachel and Luke… Rachel, who just became a doctor in May, looked over my foot. She said it is very likely a break of the third meta tarsal, the bone that the middle toe connects to. It still hurts and I have been trying to kick back and take it easy, which is not something I’m used to.


6 responses to “Post from Jay, Mountain Biking in The Dells, Prescott

  1. Nice shots Jay! That was a fun day indeed, and having been through this broken ‘thing’ I am glad I survived! Next time lets ride 304 and then up to Spruce.

  2. Jay, who are the riders in your photos? Good post, but so sorry about your foot.

    • The white sun shirt is Nate, I am in a few and my dad is also featured. Wish I could have captioned the photos but that is hard when they are uploaded via sharons android phone.

  3. Hey, Jay, I went looking for the helmet cam video but didn’t have any luck. If you know where it is and can post it, I’d love to get my vicarious thrills!

  4. That’s what I guessed. Your Dad’s in red, right?

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