32nd Week in Review: Seeing Southern Utah Up Close


This week we have been working or way across southern Utah from the border of Nevada in the Dixie National Forest to just east of Capitol Reef National Park in the Fishlake National Forest. On Sunday we joined a weeklong Grand Canyon Trust trip to volunteer doing field research. We are learning about beaver, aspen, and the landscape of Utah. We look forward to sharing what we’ve learned over the next week.


Hours volunteered: 30 hours collecting data on Aspens and Willows in the Fishlake National forest with the Grand Canyon Trust.

States: 1 – Utah, St George, Cedar City, Panguitch, Brian Head, Loa

Budget: under

People Visited: none!  We are making new friends this week

Nights under the stars: 7 our second full week under the stars! –

Best meal:  All of our meals on the Grand Canyon Trust trip have been amazing. Thanks Emily and Gayle!

Best beer: negro modelo, because our fellow volunteer, Roger, was nice enough to offer it when we ran out of beer.


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