Employee Bike Sharing at Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon employee bike fleet

30 brand new bikes for the employee bike fleet

While we were visiting our friend Kirstin at the Grand Canyon, we had the opportunity to help her with a project she has been working on. What started as a great idea during a leadership program is now a fleet of 30 bikes, almost ready to go into the hands of national park employees at the Grand Canyon. As a serious bike enthusiast and professional mechanic, Jay was perfectly suited to prep the bike fleet with quick release (easily adjustable) seat clamps and racks. I enjoyed serving as Jay’s assistant and test riding the bikes.
Jay riding commuter bike with trailer

Jay doing a short test ride of the commuter bike with attached trailer

In helping with this project I realized how much goes into an employee bike sharing program. From what I can tell, there is only one other employee bike share program within the National Park Service, and that one was installed as a prepackaged service and offered for free as a trial in DC. I don’t remember hearing anything about it when we lived there. Kirstin is ready for the challenge, she has already thought about how to distribute the bikes, finding champions in each division to look after them, and providing the necessary accessories and parts. Add to that the great bike paths around the park, a bike culture and the company town peer pressure of GCNP, and I think this program is going to be a big success. Employees taking the cruisers on beer runs after work probably is going to be the biggest concern.

Jay's mobile bike repair shop

Jay putting a rack on the bike from his mobile bike repair shop

Where I used to work, they introduced an employee bike sharing program and unfortunately it was not a big success. In our department I was the only one still trying to use the bikes after a few months. There were several issues, primarily: the bikes were not maintained, there was only one person in charge of the bikes and they were at a different building, there were limits placed on usage that made it unrealistic to use one and the bikes were low quality and awkward to ride. I shared my experience with Kirstin and I think they will be able to avoid these pitfalls. I am eager to hear how the program comes along.
Sharon on the blue cruiser bike

Sharon modeling the smallest bike in the fleet, a cute teal cruiser

helmets for Grand Canyon bike sharing

helmets for Grand Canyon bike sharing

jay installing a bike rack

Jay installing a bike rack


3 responses to “Employee Bike Sharing at Grand Canyon National Park

  1. This is an exciting project. Will Kristin be letting people know how it is progressing?

  2. Awesome project!!

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