How To Series: Finding Local Microbreweries

Today we are launching a new Friday feature, the How To series.  It is our intention to share some tips and tricks that we have learned along the way every Friday.  These How To posts will cover everything from beer and bacon knowledge to finding a great campsite and volunteering.  If you have a topic you would like covered, please add a comment to this post.

To start it off, lets talk about how we find local breweries while on the road.

barrio brewery

We have 3 ways of finding new breweries

  1. Go to Google Maps.  In the search box type in “Brewery near ….”, for example, “Brewery near Flagstaff, AZ”.  This usually gives you a very up to date listing with the addresses for the local breweries and links to their websites.
  2. If you have a smartphone and prefer apps, try the same thing using Yelp (they have apps for iphone and android as well as a regular website).  You can either turn on GPS and use the “Search Nearby” feature with the keyword “Brewery” or just use the keyword “Brewery” and add a location.  This is a particularly good method if you want to read reviews.  However, I have found that most brewery restaurants are reviewed by people who came for the food and do not often include much information about the beer.
  3. For an extensive listing of breweries across the country as well as news and reviews, check out Brewing News.  I find their website to be overwhelming, but we always pick up a paper copy of the regional news when we are visiting a brewery and use it to learn about brewery events and other great places to visit.  They even have maps of each region showing all the breweries with symbols that mark if that location also serves food and if they offer tours.
If you want to read about breweries that we have been to, CLICK HERE.
northern ales sampler

the sampler at Northern Ales


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