30th Week In Review: Reconnecting

Ducks on Granite Basin Lake

the view from the Peavine Trail in Prescott, AZ

I’ve felt more anxious and emotional this week and I think it is because we are back in our old home of Flagstaff spending a lot of time with family and friends.  In other words, we are reminded of what we do not have on the road.  Every time we see our niece Laya, I am reminded of how much time has passed and the day to day experiences we have missed.  At least we circle through Arizona enough that she remembers us, even remembers our special yoga time (which she sometimes calls yogurt).  When we keep moving, constantly packing or unpacking the car, maintaining forward momentum, I am able to push thoughts of home and family to the back of my mind and live in the moment of each new place.  It is a selfish way to live.  Our acknowledgement of that is part of what pushes us so hard to give back and stay connected.

Laya playing on toy laptop

Our 2 year old niece Laya playing on her toy laptop

Of course what has made this week awesome is seeing so many family and friends in Flagstaff and Prescott.  Today, we will head to the Grand Canyon.  It is a place that holds special significance for us.  Jay and I first started getting interested in one another on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon almost eight years ago when we were both students in Grand Canyon Semester.  Jay can even trace part of his ancestry back to one of the native tribes that lives in the canyon.  We are meeting up with a friend who we met during that semester and I’m sure we will be awed and inspired by that incredible landscape which has amazed people for millennium.

Saturday we head to Las Vegas and then on towards southern Utah where we will spend the first half of September.

Hours volunteered: 5 1/2 hours – Sharon built trail in Prescott, Arizona (Jay would have come too except he injured his foot the day before

States: 1 – Arizona: Flagstaff, Prescott, Grand Canyon

Budget: under

People Visited: the volunteers and staff at Riordan Mansion State Historic Park, Millie Randel & Ken Brack, Nate & Nicole and Laya Holt, Morgan & Cindi Holt, LinMarie DiCianni, Wenda Meyer, Eleanor Mooney, Kirstin Heins

Nights under the stars: 0

Best meal: we were treated to several nice meals by Millie and Ken; we also had the chance to eat at our favorite restaurant in Flagstaff, Hiro’s Sushi Bar

Best beer: Ska Brewing’s Mexican Logger


2 responses to “30th Week In Review: Reconnecting

  1. What a wonderful visit you’ve had! Love seeing Laya with her laptop (!?!) and tutu. Did you take many pictures? Can’t wait to see them. How is Jay’s foot?

  2. Unfortunately I didn’t take many pictures from the weekend. I do have a very short video of Laya in her tutu to share with you. Jay’s foot is still swollen, but it’s slowly getting better and he’s trying to be good about resting it.

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