29th Week in Review: Dramatic Landscapes

fish jumping at angel Lake

Ever feel like a fish out of water? It was mesmerizing to watch the trout jumping for breakfast on Angel Lake.


Before we get into what happened this week, I have a small request.  If you have a facebook account, please go to REI’s Facebook contest page HERE and “like” my photo contest entries.  You only need to vote once and it will help us in trying to win some new camping gear for our trip.  We will also be entering a Federal lands photo contest later this year and will be calling on your online voting skills again.  Thank you so much for your support!


school zone sign near Great Basin National Park

passed this sign on the "rough road" we took to get to primitive camping in the Great Basin National Park

Well, this week we had the pleasure of traveling all the way from the interior of Washington State where they grow delicious sweet onions to the Ponderosa pine forests of northern Arizona.  In between, we toured a remarkable limestone cave in Great Basin National Park, biked through brillantly red and orange hoodoos in southern Utah, and fell asleep to the sounds of coyotes howling and owls screeching in the Snake River valley in Idaho.  It only takes one week of driving in this great Western landscape to remind you that there are still wild open spaces and remarkable sights to see for thousands of miles.  We are definitely feeling re-energized and eager to stay on the road as long as possible.

This coming week we will stay put in northern Arizona, before heading back north into Utah by way of Las Vegas.

Hours volunteered: no formal volunteering, but we did assist in a rescue and headed to our old home in Flagstaff, Arizona to help a friend.  Also, I wrote a guest post for the HandsOn blog that should be published soon.

States: 3 – Nevada, Utah, Arizona

Budget: I believe we are coming in under budget this week, but the fuel expenses may have pushed us over

People Visited: Kathy Farretta, Cathy Johnson, James Worden, Dianna Van Sanford, Shannon and David

Nights under the stars: 4 – Umatilla National Forest, Angel Lake, Great Basin National Park, Dixie National Forest

Best meal: for nostalgia’s sake we’ll give a shout out to NiMarcos Pizza in Flagstaff where we picked up a couple slices last night

Best beer: a bomber of Ninkasi Oatis Oatmeal Stout

field watering

Trying to take a picture of a coyote, but it took off running through this field


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