Can You Spot the Wildlife?

We’ve been out traveling through remote parts of Nevada and Utah, tent camping every night and seeing some amazing scenery and wildlife.  I’m always amazed how well animals are adapted to blend in with their surroundings.  Here’s a picture I took in Great Basin National Park in Nevada.  I promise there is a mammal in this picture.  Can you spot it?  Can you identify it?  Check the comments for answers.

jack-rabbit in Great Basin National Park

This one should be a lot easier to spot, but maybe still a challenge to identify.  Can you identify this mammal?  This photo was taken in the Dixie National Forest, near Bryce Canyon in Utah.

Pronghorn Antelope in Dixie National Forest


8 responses to “Can You Spot the Wildlife?

  1. I found a kangaroo and Waldo.

  2. Jackrabbit in the first, the ears give it away. Pronghorn antelope in the second. ,Then if you blend both photos the magical Jackalope…;>)

  3. I was going to guess a jackalope or something. 😀

    I saw the huge ears but had no idea what it was. That’s a HUGE jackrabbit.

  4. What huge ears? I can’t find it.

  5. You almost need to re-post with a circle around the jackrabbit. Those were totally fun.

  6. I can’t find it either…

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