Blue Mountain Brewery: Dark & Evil, a True Stand Out

blue mountain brewery sign

This week, Sharon and I went with her parents to check out Blue Mountain brewery in Afton, VA as a possible wedding venue. I remember stopping in for a beer tasting and dinner a couple years back and liking it.  It has expanded since then, and the beer just keeps getting better.

Short story: It’s a nice place but the indoor space is really not big enough for 80-100 people. Their beer is even better than I remember and they are friendly.

Long story- review of their beer:

blue mountain brewery

They have there own hop farm which is really cool. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see much because the hops had just recently been harvested. If you live nearby, this is great news as it means you will soon be able to get fresh hop ales, lucky you!  The stand out of the beers we tried, which was universally liked, even by self professed non beer drinkers (Sharons parents, John and Melinda) was the Dark and Evil. This beer is actually a blend of three different beers. Pushing the limits, but not in a what the heck was that and just plain good sort of way. I also sampled an IPA, but I barely remember it, not because it wasn’t good, but it was overshadowed by the giant that is Dark and Evil. The blend of Evil 8deg Belgian, Dark Hollow Ale, and Summer Ale makes me want to try them individually.  If I were a betting man, I would wager that the Dark and Evil is better than any of the three on its own. I could probably say more about this brewery, but it would probably just be more about the Dark and Evil and I know they do other good beers and make food so I will end here.

blue mountain brewery and restaurant

New building at Blue Mountain Brewery that will serve as the main restaurant space with outdoor patio

Sharon adds:  they are also situated on a hillside overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains, right near Skyline Drive.  Visit on a nice day so that you can sit on the patio and enjoy both the brews, food, and the view.

view from blue mountain brewery[View from Blue Mountain brewery]

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