28th Week in Review: Leaving the East Behind

belle meade farm

Where we will say our "forevah's" (Sharon's made up slang for vows) ... unless of course it rains

This week we flew back to our car in Spokane, Washington from Fairfax, Virginia.  Our time in Virginia was a great opportunity to attend Terri and Phil’s wedding, making some wedding plans of our own, volunteer with familiar organizations, and spend a lot of time with family.  But flying from the Pacific time zone to the Eastern time zone was thoroughly disorienting and it seems both familiar and completely strange to get back in our car and explore new landscapes.  This week we travel south from Spokane towards Flagstaff, Arizona and we will be covering almost completely new terrain for both of us.  In fact, yesterday, I got to celebrate visiting a state I have never been to, Idaho!  We will most likely stay west of the Mississippi until December, perhaps even for the rest of the year.

this way sign

A random instruction Sharon found in the woods next to our campsite, yes I did follow it... see the next picture for the resulting find

Yesterday (when this would have been posted if we had wifi access), was a very special day.  Jay’s parents, Cindi and Morgan, celebrated their 37th wedding anniversary!  As we plan our own wedding and think more what marriage is all about, we are in awe of such a long and joyful union.  Having married role models is really important and we consider ourselves very lucky to have two sets of parents that keep choosing one another every day, day after day, week after week, year after 37th year.  Congratulations!

man made shelter in the woods

A man (or more likely boy) made shelter in the woods, a few yards away from the sign

Hours volunteered: 0

States: 4 – Virginia, Fairfax, Sperryville; Washington, Spokane, Walla Walla; Oregon; Idaho, Boise

(Jay also visited Maryland and Pennsylvania to go mountain biking in the Michaux State Forest, dark hollow race course in reverse)

Budget: under – thanks to generous hosts and cheap camping

People Visited: Meredith & Cameron Hartley & Sam & Loralei and Mary Lynn & Frank Hutchison  — thanks for picking us up from the airport and hosting us!  =) … Jay wants to add a belated shout out for the fact that Frank made him bacon before we left Spokane (you know how to earn Jay’s love for sure!) Also Jay met up with Matt and Tom for some awesome Michaux mountain bike action. Thanks to Matt and Tom for driving me there, and especially Matt for also loaning me a specialized stump jumper to ride!

Nights under the stars: 2, one in Umatilla National Forest and one in the Boise National Forest

Best meal: Fresh made pizza with local (read: garden) ingredients made by our cousins Dennis and Hadyn  — Jay wants to give a shout out to Hadyn’s award winning bacon bread (which lasted less than 24 hours in his keep) as well as to Honey Pig in Annandale, Virginia for outstanding pork belly and full on korean accompaniments.

Best beer:  Pullman Porter from Steam Plant Grill in Spokane, WA — thanks Meredith and Cam for taking us!


4 responses to “28th Week in Review: Leaving the East Behind

  1. aaahhh! Thanks for thinking of us.

  2. Happy anniversary, Cindi! You have a few years on us; we celebrate our 34th on Sept. 24th.

  3. It was a great ride. See you guys in December!

  4. I knew you were going to love that bacon bread! I loved it, too! (Make a fried egg sandwich on bacon bread … brunch doesn’t get much better than that!)

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