27th Week in Review: Wedding Overload

We are back in my hometown of Fairfax, Virginia to celebrate Terri Defazio’s wedding.  Terri D was born 3 days before me and lives life a week in advance so that she can pass on great advice.  We have grown up together, following similar paths in life – learning ballet from Debbie, swimming for the Cudas, going to State schools for undergraduate and then moving back to Fairfax and earning masters’ degrees from George Mason University.  She is of course older and wiser and is currently pursuing a 2nd masters’ degree (which she was doing while working full time and planning a wedding!).  Anyways, needless to say this is a wedding we were looking forward to celebrating and knew we would have to come back for no matter where we were.  Congratulations Terri and Phil!

Terri Defazio and parents

As much as we enjoyed seeing our friends wed, it was a bit stressful at the same time because this week we have started planning our own wedding.  We have no idea when we will be back in Virginia for another visit, but we are currently planning to have our wedding here, so we are trying to look at possible venues.  I also had the opportunity to go dress shopping with my sister.  It is both fun and overwhelming.  In between all of the wedding craziness we are finding time to visit with friends and family and volunteer for our local passions.


Pretty flowers from my dad's garden

Hours volunteered: 2 at Ronald McDonald house pulling out bushes with my dad and 7 building trails in Meadowood Recreation area with the Bureau of Land Management in Lorton

States & Provinces: 1 Virginia, Fairfax, Arlington, Charlottesville, Afton

Budget: under!

People Visited: Terri Defazio & Phil Jordan, Earlene & Al Defazio, all of Terri & Phil’s family and friends that attended their wedding, Aunt Madelon & Uncle Chris, Aunt Mariel & Uncle Nathan, Aunt Anne, Dan Bloom, Dennis & Hadyn Kihm (& Soren), Stephanie Kihm (& Natalia), Janet Giampapa & Franklin & Aki, Panah Bhalla, Andy Browne & Margaret Olivier, Carmelita & Julius Lewis, Lisa Dorsey, Aaron McCready, Hanna Tadesse, Kelly Pugh, Chris Hannemann

Nights under the stars: 0 – our tent is in Spokane … we miss it

Best meal:  Bacon cheeseburgers on homemade buns at Aunt Madelon and Uncle Chris’ house

Best beer:  Dark and Evil by Blue Mountain Brewery

tomato on the vine

there are lots more where that came from!





One response to “27th Week in Review: Wedding Overload

  1. WooHoo! We got a shout-out for best meal!

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