23rd & 24th Week in Review: Staying Put in the Canadian Rockies


view of Canmore from a trail near the house we stayed at

This post sums up the last two weeks because there is not as much to share.  Jay and I were both sick, which was particularly frustrating since Jay’s parents were still visiting us in Canmore.  We had hoped to do a lot of hiking and biking and sightseeing with them, but spent more time reading and visiting the doctor.  Good news is that the Canada healthcare system is quite good and relatively affordable.  Also, we have been house and dog sitting for a friend of my uncle’s here in Canmore.  This gives us a great home base and a way to save money, but unfortunately the dog, Louie, got sick right as we were getting better.  We switched from visiting doctors to visiting vets and kept close to home.  Luckily we are all recovered now and getting ready for the next leg of our journey.

Sharon and Jay at Spirit Island

us at Spirit Island where we went on the boat cruise with the Holts

Even with all that going on, we have been enjoying the Canmore and Banff area.  It’s a beautiful spot in the heart of the Canadian rockies and everywhere you go you stumble over awesome trails and gorgeous vistas, so its pretty hard to have a bad time.  We’ve visited all 3 nearby breweries and got treated to some amazing meals by Jay’s parents.  Also, we’ve enjoyed visiting with my Aunt Barbara and Uncle Tony, who I haven’t gotten a lot of opportunities to visit.  Tony is a well known sculptor in town and it when we got out with him it feels like we are the guest of a celebrity.

Tony Bloom and Barbara Parker

Uncle Tony and Aunt Barbara at Lake Louise where we went hiking with them

Today we get back on the road, headed west on a meandering route towards Spokane, WA.

Hours volunteered: 5 hours at Banff National Park assisting with an astronomy event for Parks Day

States & Provinces: 2, Alberta: Canmore, Banff, Jasper, British Columbia: Kootenay National Park

Budget: not sure

People Visited: Tony Bloom and Barbara Parker, Cindi and Morgan Holt

Nights under the stars: 0 – we are actually starting to miss our tent

Best meal: sushi at the Wild Orchid Asian Bistro in Canmore and a home cooked meal of kabobs that we got at Valbella’s in Canmore (thanks for the tip mom!)

Best beer: Stout from Jasper Brewery


3 responses to “23rd & 24th Week in Review: Staying Put in the Canadian Rockies

  1. You picked a gorgeous place to hole up for a few weeks! If you gotta come down sick, might as well be a place with some great views.

  2. I’m so sorry that you and/or the dog were sick some of the time that you were in Canmore. I think it’s one of the nicest places in North America. I’m glad it wasn’t a total washout, though. I love the pictures and look forward to seeing even more.

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