Bacon: This post brought to you by Terri Tupper

While visiting Terri Tupper in St. Paul she informed me that their local grocery store has a bacon I have to try. Terri was even kind enough to provide a package of the bacon. Its called Elliots Up North Smoked bacon. This bacon is very likley salt cured and then smoked. It is thick sliced fatty ends as opposed to a more lean center cut. Right on, I always prefer that center cut bacon to be sliced thin and served crispy. Ends are much better thicker sliced and cooked until just the slightest bit crisp. Thick bacon should, in my opinion, be pan fried so this is how I cooked it. This stuff is good, one of the best store bought bacons, if not the best available for sure. Good saltiness at first and a strong smokey flavor at the end.

Thank you Terri.


4 responses to “Bacon: This post brought to you by Terri Tupper

  1. A good breakfast bacon, perhaps, to go along with that good breakfast beer?

  2. Melinda Bloom

    There is, or was, a terrific butcher in Canmore not far from where you are staying. Ask Tony for details. I’ll bet they have great bacon.

  3. Melinda Bloom

    Jay, I think it’s Valbella’s at 104 Elk Run. Bike on over!

    • We went to Valbella’s, which was on elk run yesterday. Sharon and I had a good lunch and we picked up skewers of meat to grill for dinner as well as a package of bacon. I grilled the meat and vegetable skewers for dinner last night. They were delicious, beef, buffalo and lamb with a good mix of different veggies. I will be cooking up the bacon soon and will put up a new bacon review post then.

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