22nd Week in Review: On Vacation Up North

I know, how is it possible that we can be on vacation when we are already travelling full time….   Well after finishing up the Pincher Creek photography workshop last week, we celebrated Canada Day weekend at Waterton Lakes National Park and then on Sunday we met up with Jay’s parents in Canmore.  We are tagging along on Jay’s parents vacation as they escape the Phoenix heat to enjoy the cool beauty of the Canadian Rockies.  We have been spending the week with them doing touristy things and enjoying a nicer version of travel than what we are accustomed to;  one which comes with showers, beds, and restaurant meals.

Picture from a photo shoot we did with the kids in Pincher Creek

Hours volunteered: 28 hours (combined) at the photography workshop with the kids at the Napi Friendship Association in Pincher Creek

States & Provinces: 1 Province, Alberta: Waterton, Canmore, Jasper

Budget:  a bit under

People Visited: Tony and Barbara Bloom, Cindi and Morgan Holt

Nights under the stars: 4; 1 near Fort MacLeod in a horrible mosquito haze; 3 glorious nights at Belly River Campground in Waterton Lakes National Park

Best meal: All our restaurant meals with the Holts have been excellent, last night was particularly worth mentioning – we dined at Becker’s, just a short walk from where we are staying with a table overlooking the Athabasca River

Best beer: Grizzly Paw Stout in Canmore Alberta



2 responses to “22nd Week in Review: On Vacation Up North

  1. Melinda Bloom

    Two comments/corrections: It’s Tony Bloom and Barbara Parker and, for the benefit of those who don’t know where these places are, Canmore is a town just outside the gates of Banff National (?) Park in Alberta, Canada and Jasper is another fantastic park that begins where the northern part of Banff Park ends. It’s three or four hours north of Banff if you could make yourself drive straight through instead of stopping along the way to admire the breath-taking scenery!!!!

  2. Yes, pictures of the gorgeous scenery to come in the next week…

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