Photo Review: Waterton Lakes National Park

We spent this Canada Day weekend at one of the most beautiful landscapes yet, Waterton Lakes National Park in southern Alberta (the Canadian counterpart to Glacier National Park in the U.S.).  We enjoyed a few different hikes and great weather.  Here are my favorites of the over 200 photos I took in 3 days.


7 responses to “Photo Review: Waterton Lakes National Park

  1. Madelon Bloom

    Love the photos! I think I need lessons from you.

  2. Madelon Bloom

    Oh! And I also need a new camera. Any suggestions?

    • My dad is definitely the one to ask about purchasing a new camera. He is usually up to date on the best you can get for your money and where to purchase.

  3. Madelon Bloom

    Yeah… he’s really good at things like that, isn’t he!

  4. Melinda Bloom

    Gorgeous photos! Is the Prince of Wales hotel (I think that’s the name) open? It’s that big, cool but kind of scary-looking hotel alone on a high hill overlooking the lake? It was closed for the season when we were there so we didn’t even get a chance to walk through it.

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