21st Week in Review: Canada, eh!

a breathtaking view near our campsite in the Flathead National Forest last week

Jay and I mused last night about how there is food in our cooler that has gone from Canada to the U.S. to Canada again.  It really hasn’t been that long since we were visiting friends in Ontario.  This week we crossed into British Columbia from Montana, enjoying lots of amazing bike trails along the route.  Now we are in Pincher Creek, Alberta volunteering all week through the Muskoka Foundation teaching photography to youth at the Napi Friendship Center (an organization serving the Piikani First Nation).

who knew, the world's largest truck resides in Sparwood, British Columbia

Hours volunteered: 14 hours (combined) or even more if you count all the prep and planning we’ve been doing for the photography workshop with the kids at the Napi Friendship Association in Pincher Creek

States & Provinces: 1 State, 2 Provinces

Montana: Missoula, Whitefish; British Columbia: Fernie; Alberta: Crowsnest Pass, Beaver Mines, Pincher Creek

Budget:  Not sure, but probably slightly over — we have been keeping costs down with more camping and cooking, but gas and most everything else is more expensive in Canada

People Visited: Doug and Karen Manzer

Nights under the stars: 7: Lolo National Forest, Bitterroot National Forest, Kootenai National Forest, off Coal Creek Road in Fernie, Beaver Mines Recreation Area

Best meal: sushi rolls and veggie tempura at Yamagoya Sushi in Fernie, BC

Best beer: Cold Smoke Scotch Ale at Kettlehouse Brewery in Missoula, MT and the stout at the Great Northern Brewery in Whitefish, M

Love these plants! Don't they look like troll dolls?


8 responses to “21st Week in Review: Canada, eh!

  1. The Calgary Stampede is almost here… will you be in Calgary for it?

  2. Melinda Bloom

    My suggestion – stay in Canmore all summer so you don’t miss the Folk Festival the first week in August and the Highland Games near the end of August. The fall is pretty, too, when the aspens (I think) turn a beautiful bright yellow!

  3. I loved that photo of the “troll doll” flowers. Do you know what kind of plant that was? I’m sure it wouldn’t grow in hot Phoenix, but I’d put that photo on my wall and look at it every day.

  4. Nancy, I’m not sure what type of flower it is… so far I’ve seen it twice, once on the hill above Missoula Montana and once at Lundbreck Falls near Pincher Creek Alberta.

  5. These are the seedheads of Geum Triflorum aka Prairie Smoke
    see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geum_triflorum

  6. Madelon Bloom

    John, you are always RIGHT ON IT! Excellent!

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