19th Week in Review: heading northwest… Maybe all the way?

This is going to be a short update because I am posting to the blog via phone. Our big news of the week is that we are officially in round two of the Travel for Good contest thanks to your votes! You guys are awesome! We will let you know on July 1st if we win the trip to Alaska.

This week took us from Ontario to Montana with a great stopover in St Paul to visit our friend Terri. Tomorrow we start a week long volunteer trip into the Montana wilderness. More on that in tomorrow’s update.

Footy practice in Minneapolis

Sharon and Terri scrimmaging at Footy practice in Minneapolis


The sign at the campground we stayed at on St. Joseph Island

Hours volunteered: 0, but we attended a spaghetti dinner that was a fundraiser for the Copper Harbor volunteer fire department

States & Provinces:

4 States and 1 Province


Michigan, Upper Peninsula; Wisconsin; Minnesota, St Paul; North Dakota

Budget: Way OVER!  We actually paid a few of Jay’s medical bills this week and bought new boots so this was our most expensive single week of the year.

People Visited: Becky Conlon and Terri Tupper

Nights under the stars:  4,

1 on the St. Joseph’s Island in Ontario, 2 in the Ottawa National Forest in Michigan, 1 at Fort Wilkins on Copper Harbor, Michigan

Best meal: Jay’s bacon cheese burgers at the campsite take high marks.  The perogies at Bobber’s Cafe near St. Joseph’s Island deserve a shout out, as well as the Ice Cream at the Grand Ole Creamery in St. Paul.

Best beer: Muskoka Dark Ale and the Muskoka Summer Weiss From Bracebridge Ontario were Jay and Sharon’s favorites respectively


2 responses to “19th Week in Review: heading northwest… Maybe all the way?

  1. Love the upside down shelf bracket they used to hold the Sharon’s Stretch sign.

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