18th Week in Review: The Big Announcement

This week we announced our engagement to our family and friends and now to the whole world / anyone that reads this blog.  We are getting married!  Appropriately, this week has been a mix of emotions: giddy, excited, hopeful, relieved, elated, anxious, overwhelmed, ….   We are very excited to be making this commitment.  We are also very excited to be back on the road and taking on our longest stretch of road tripping yet.  Road tripping and wedding planning do not coexist (at least not with sanity), so we are holding off on planning until we are more settled.  Which, knowing us, could be awhile.  For now I’m just learning the spelling of fiancée and fiancé (did you know there was a difference?!).

The morning after we announced our engagement to our parents, we headed north from northern Virginia to central Pennsylvania.  Jay and I both enjoyed the mountain bike trails at Raystown Lake and then we headed further north to build hiking trail in the Allegheny National Forest.  From there, we entered western New York just long enough to get lunch and cross the border into Canada.  The border crossing was much less of a hassle than we thought it would be and we had plenty of time to walk around Niagara Falls before heading to Guelph to rendevous with our friend Mary Anne.  We met Mary Anne back in 2005 while we were studying in New Zealand and this was the first time Jay had seen her since then.  Mary Anne is quite the outdoor adventurer, having biked across Canada a few summers ago.  We enjoyed swapping stories and exploring the city of Guelph.

Mary Anne and Jay in Guelph

Mary Anne and Jay

Next we are on our way to the Muskoka region where we will meet our Canadian counterpart, Becky Conlan, of Roadtrip with Reason.  More on that in future posts!

Hours volunteered: 10 (combined) on National Trails Day in Pennsylvania

States & Provinces:

4 States and 1 Province

Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York and Ontario

Budget: Not sure between Canadian dollars and U.S. dollars spent, but we were pretty close to on track

People Visited:  Polly Cella & Mary Anne Young

Nights under the stars:  3, Susquehannock Campground & the Amsler Springs Shelter

Best meal: Sub & Fish and Chips at Boxer’s Cafe in Huntingdon Pennsylvania

Best beer: Roy Pitz Brewery in Chambersburg Pennsylvania had a number of delicious selections, our favorites were Ludwig’s Revenge, Mind You P’s & Q’s Belgian Triple Triple, and Daddy Fat Sacks IPA

And just for some random amusement: Canadian geese crossing the road in Guelph…


8 responses to “18th Week in Review: The Big Announcement

  1. Congratulations Sharon and Jay! I was hoping to hear this announcement after your wonderful adventure together!

  2. Congratulations and best of love, luck, and happiness!

  3. Angela Churchill

    Congratulations Sharon and Jay!! How exciting is that. Best of luck to you.–

  4. That’s wonderful news! I wish you both the best. Hugs and congratulations. 😀

  5. What a great post to read! I’m as thrilled as can be. Now another Holt wedding in the future 🙂

  6. Sharon & Jay! It was lovely having you for a visit in Bracebridge 🙂 I hope you didn’t get hit by the nasty thunderstorms in the evening …. I also hope that a Moose didn’t step on Jay’s head. Hahaha! Makes me smile. Safe travels!!

  7. Julius & Carmelita

    Congratulations on your engagement, Sharon and Jay! We wish you many more adventures together!

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