Time to Talk Bacon

Why talk about bacon?  Because, bacon makes everything better.

smokehouse at Andrew Jackson's home

While in Tennessee, we visited Andrew Jackson’s home. I of course liked the smokehouse (pictured right).  Why doesn’t every mansion have one of these?  In the days before refrigeration everyone did have a smokehouse.  Virtually all pork was salted and smoked. Still a pretty good way to do it if you ask me. You could still kind of smell the smoke when poking your head inside.

smokehouse at Belle Meade

The Belle Meade plantation, a famous site of thoroughbred breeding, still produces or at least sells some ham slices on site. This smokehouse (pictured above) is noteworthy because in its prime, they processed over 20,000 pounds of meat. It’s two stories high.

crab cakes and bacon breakfast

Crab cakes Benedict and bacon breakfast

I had this for breakfast at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel. It was quite good and as usual, “bacon makes every thing better”. I am really never disappointed with bacon, but this bacon was a pleasant surprise because it had clearly been smoked and then slowly cooked to perfection.

eggs in a bag with bacon

eggs in a bag with bacon

On the road, we always carry bacon in the cooler and include it in as many meals as possible.  Pictured above is what I call “eggs in a bag”.  Many years ago in Boy Scouts I learned the easiest and most simple method ever to prepare a nearly perfect ommlet. You simply scramble up some eggs and throw them in a sturdy one gallon zip lock bag with your favorite mostly cooked omelet filling. Of course bacon, onions and cheese are recommended filling options. Next, grab the bag with tongs and hold it in some boiling water. When you’re all done you can even use the leftover hot water for dishes.

french toast and bacon

french toast and bacon

Wright brand bacon is what is pictured on the griddle (right), and it’s one of the better widely available bacons found in grocery stores. It’s thick sliced and salt cured, making it good for breakfast slices.

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2 responses to “Time to Talk Bacon

  1. Your breakfast from the Gaylord Opryland Hotel almost makes me want to get in a car and drive there overnight to try it! Yum!

  2. You should drive to Maugensville, MD to Holsinger’s Meat Market. That’s where we bring our hog bellies and hams to be smoked. They have AWESOME sandwiches and, of course, smoked bacon and bologna! Next door is a creamery owned by the same company. If you go while you’re still going to be in the area, let me know and I’ll order up some bologna! Yum! holsingersmeatmarket.com

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