Photo Review: Arizona -> New Mexico

The drive through central Arizona and central New Mexico is remarkably scenic.  We have taken dozens of pictures along the road and I want to share a few of the best with you here:

beeline highway

View from the car, Beeline Highway

Sitgreaves National Forest

Morning light in Sitgreaves National Forest near Pinetop

Highway 60 into New Mexico, mountains drop off into ranch lands as you near the Continental Divide

Still investigating what exactly these are...

view from Highway 60 near Mountainair NM

View from Highway 60 near Mountainair NM ... major train line cuts through central NM

scenery in Mountainair NM

A mix of cactus and mountain views in Mountainair NM


8 responses to “Photo Review: Arizona -> New Mexico

  1. John Tewksbury

    Your photo of dishes is part of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory Very Large Aperture Array which you can find out more about at Basically, these are parts of a large baseline Radio Astronomy Array used to study the skies at radio frequency wavelengths instead of the optical wavelengths we’re more used to associating with telescopes.

  2. Are the satellite dishes the Very Large Array in New Mexico? Maybe not… because they have a visitor center there that you might have seen.

  3. VLA is in fact off Highway 60… so maybe you saw it from a distance… Here’s a website

  4. We loved our visit to the Very Large Array! It has a museum connected to it and you can walk pretty close to the satellite dishes.

  5. Uncles Tony and Willie made a trip to see that, too.

  6. Hadyn has a picture of herself doing a Matt Harding dance at VLA!

  7. Kris Fotorny

    Did you find out what those things that look like satelite dishes are?

  8. Kris Fotorny

    Ah, now I see where the answer to that question is.

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