Photo Review: Wedding #1

We sometimes joke that this road trip is actually the wedding tour of the United States.  We currently plan on attending 4 weddings this year, 3 of which are in the next 5 weeks.  This weekend was Jay’s brother Nate’s wedding, which was held at the Cutler Plonkin Jewish Heritage Center in downtown Phoenix, right next to the Burton Barr library where Jay’s mom Cindi use to work.  The venue was lovely, they had great weather and it was a nice gathering of family and friends to celebrate their big day.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the rehearsal dinner (at Jay’s parents house) and the main event.

The Rehearsal Dinner

Butterfly placeholders

Butterfly Placeholders that I made with Cindi's pattern

Bride and Groom settings

Bride and Groom place settings at the rehearsal dinner

the setting for the rehearsal dinner

Jay's parents backyard, the setting for the rehearsal dinner

rehearsal dinner set up

the rehearsal dinner set up

The Wedding

Jays first time wearing a tux -- he cleans up well!

the wedding cakes, Blitz Torte, lovingly made the day before by Jays mom and grandma

the new Mr. and Mrs. Holt, entering the reception

Nate and Nicoles daughter Laya, she made it down the aisle and through most of the ceremony, but had a mini meltdown as soon as it was over

Jay's parents and grand parents

Ken, Millie (Jays grandma), Cindi, and Morgan (Jays parents) before the ceremony

Morgan, Nate, and Jay Holt

The men in their finery

Nicole, Nate and Jay Holt

Nicole cracking up at Jays toast

Jay's extended family

Jays extended family on his moms side

champagne and centerpiece

My one artsy photo of the evening showing the centerpiece


2 responses to “Photo Review: Wedding #1

  1. Sharon, We are so grateful to have your photos and to have all the help and care you gave us in getting ready. Thank you. Your photos really are professional!

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