Barrio Brewing Company

barrio brewery

This is hands down the best brewery in Arizona. They have up to 12 beers on tap at any given time and during our visit, there were 11. This makes for quite the sample flight. The flight started with their Tuscon Blonde  which was very crisp and light. This would be a good staple on a super hot day. Next was the Hefeweizen  which was a real stand out. If came unfiltered and cloudy. It had a great citrus flavor and was surprisingly complex. It had no shortage of flavor and was more like a Belgian triple than a typical Hefeweizen complete with higher than average alcohol content.  The only style I did not like was the Taylor Jayne Raspberry because its just too sweet and fruity.

Flight at Barrio Brewing Company

The sample flight at Barrio (we split it)

Next up was the Copperhead Pale Ale.  It has a nice copper color and was the hoppiest beer of the bunch. Truly a monstrously hopped beer. The Redcat Amber was smooth and well balanced. Honestly it was pretty good but not a stand out given its company. The IPA was another stand out; lots of complex hop flavor without being too bitter.  The Oatmeal Stout was a well done classic style stout. The Porter was another stand out and was like the oatmeal stout in color and character, but with more hop flavor, more alcohol, and more flavor. It would make a fine breakfast beer. There was a classic German style boch in the tasting line up that was also an excellent beer. Then we get to the high alcohol beers in their line up. The NCAA ale, which was 11% alcohol. This one was heavy and had an aroma like whiskey, cloudy dark color and tasted like it was aged in a whiskey barrel that maybe still had some whiskey in it. There was also the Scottish ale with its super tart malt flavor and double digit ABV.

Barrio Brewing Hefeweizen

Our favorite.. the Hefeweizen

The best part was the pictured pint was only 2.75. They also served up some good food but it was over shadowed by all the great beers.

You can find Barrio Brewing Company at the corner of Toole and 16th Street in Tucson, Arizona.


2 responses to “Barrio Brewing Company

  1. Melinda Bloom

    a fine breakfast beer????!!

  2. “… a fine breakfast beer” – this would go well with the Tee shirt we say in Portland, OR years ago that said “BEER – its not just for breakfast anymore”

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