Week in Review – Getting Ready to Get Back on the Road

This week was a great move towards getting back to our new normal.  We took a short road trip to the Overland Expo in Amado, camping out two nights and managing to change Jay’s burn dressing in the tent!  Funny story about that one… our tent neighbors had heard our story about the burn the night before, so when they saw me put on latex gloves they made sure to turn around so they wouldn’t get mooned by Jay.  Who knows if anyone else witnessed the process and just didn’t say anything…

We returned to Phoenix for Nicole’s bridal shower and Jay’s follow up at the burn clinic.  He got great news that we have reached the final stage of long term care for the burn and he no longer has to wear the stretch net dressing that resembles Spanx.  Woo hoo!

rubber duck in pool

Rubber duck hanging out at the pool at the garden where Jay's dad Morgan's landscaping was featured on the Grand Tour of Gardens -- Phoenix hit 100 degrees this week

Hours volunteered: Sharon tried out “microvolunteering” on Sparked.com and got started on a web project for StartingBloc

States: Arizona — Phoenix and Amado.  Amado is close enough to Mexico that the signs show kilometers instead of miles

Budget: about even

People Visited: we made new friends at the Overland Expo and Sharon got to meet lots of great ladies at Jay’s brother’s fiance’s bridal shower.

Nights under the stars: 2 in Amado, AZ

Best meal: Grilled pork with truffle oil and grilled asparagus wrapped in bacon at the Overland Gourmet tent after hours

Best beer: Barrio Brewing company’s Hefeweizen



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