Getting Our “Desert Legs”

With Jay’s remarkable progress in only two weeks, we are going on a mini road trip this weekend from Phoenix AZ to Amado AZ for the Overland Expo.  This is an annual event at which overland adventurers (people who travel in motorized or non motorized vehicles over land) gather to talk shop.  By sharing a picture of the Rav in Death Valley and sharing the story of the accident, we were able to win 2 tickets from one of the Expo exhibitors, Drive the Americas.

driving course at Overland Expo 2011

Prepping the driving course at Overland Expo (photo credit: Overland Expo gallery)

We are hoping to learn tips and tricks about keeping our vehicle in shape for 4-wheeling and staying safe and healthy on our adventures.  We’re also looking forward to hanging out with other folks who embody the same vagabonding spirit.  I think this will be just what I need to get my confidence up for going primitive again.  The Expo is a 2.5 hour drive and we plan to camp for a couple of nights.  This will be a good test of Jay’s return to normal health and activity.  We still have to change the burn dressing once a day, but it should be possible to do in the tent.


Amado Arizona

Amado Arizona where the Expo is being held (Photo credit: Overland Expo gallery)

While we are out there in the desert (in 90 degree heat) preparing for our next adventure, we hope you will be sharing our Travel for Good video with your networks on Facebook, Twitter, and email. The voting has  begun and we appreciate your support!  Please let us know if you encounter any issues with voting.


4 responses to “Getting Our “Desert Legs”

  1. Madelon Bloom

    Do you have any way to tell how you’re doing in the voting, and how your competition is doing?

    • To some extent… when I log in I can see the total number of votes we have had (132 so far). Also, when you look at “browse entries” you can sort by most popular and we will know we are doing well when me make it on to the first page.

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