Week In Review – Recuperating in Phoenix

Before I start on the week in review, I want to give a huge shout out to Barbara Grostick.  I met Barbara when she was the President of NAVPLG and I was a new member.  I remember thinking of her as being kind and welcoming.  Last week she was also generous, opening up her home to us so that Jay and I could leave the Las Vegas Hotel and recuperate in the comfort of a home.  Barbara, her husband, and her two dogs made us feel right at home and aided in Jay’s speedy recovery.  We are so grateful.

Hedgehog cactus flower

Hedgehog cactus flower

Last Tuesday night we arrived in Phoenix, in time to celebrate Jay’s birthday with his family on Wednesday.  We also celebrated Jay’s dad’s birthday on Sunday and will celebrate Jay’s future sister in-law’s birthday tomorrow.  Needless to say we are eating a lot of cake and trying to stay healthy despite that.  Jay’s recovery is coming along great and we are planning to take a short road trip this weekend to the Overland Expo in Amado Arizona.

blitz torte

We ate a lot of Cindi's famous Blitz Torte this week ... with 2 Holt birthdays and testing for Nate's wedding cake

Hours volunteered: approximately 5, Sharon attended training for a volunteer event in Phoenix, wrote e-newsletter blasts for NAVPLG, and started a web content project for StartingBloc

States: Arizona

Budget: under – we always save money when we stop moving

People Visited: we enjoyed seeing Jay’s friend Steve again and celebrating birthday’s with Jay’s brother Nate, his fiance Nicole, and their daughter Laya; we also celebrated Morgan’s birthday with Jay’s riding teammates from the 24 hour race, Kevin and Mary and Dan (and his wife Lisa)

Nights under the stars: 0

Best meal: Cedar plank grilled salmon, roasted tomatoes and caesar salad with Blitz Torte for dessert that Cindi and Morgan prepared for Jay’s birthday dinner

Best beer: New Belgium’s 1554  (the first beer Jay got to drink once he cut back on the pain meds)

Laya and Sharon

Sharon with Jay's niece Laya


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  1. Already voted! I sent out the link too 🙂 I will make sure to vote each day! You two are so cute/cool…..I love the video!

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