Photo Review: Phoenix Mountain Preserve

This week we have been lucky enough to be recuperating in Phoenix.  The weather is gorgeous here and we have been able to celebrate both Jay’s birthday and his dad’s birthday at the Spa de Holt (my nickname for Jay’s parents’ house).  Their house backs up to the Phoenix Mountain Preserve which is a desert oasis in the middle of the big city.

Saguaro and flowering desert

Saguaro cactus, flowering ocotillo and flowering deserts

flowering cactus

Cactus blossom

lizard in Phoenix Mountain Preserve

lizard in Phoenix Mountain Preserve

bird in Phoenix Mountain Preserve

bird in Phoenix Mountain Preserve

yellow flowers

prickly pear cactus fruit

Prickly pear cactus fruit



Ocotillo flower close up

Ocotillo flower

Phoenix Mountain Preserve Trail 100

Trail 100 at Phoenix Mountain Preserve


7 responses to “Photo Review: Phoenix Mountain Preserve

  1. Beautiful photos – great use of depth of field for focusing attention

    “Trail 100” looks more like “Rock One Trillion” to me

  2. Hi – Love the pictures. Those lizards are cool! About how long are they? I assume they’re harmless?

    • I think the top lizard is a chuckwalla of the Sonoran desert variety. If it is its some what small at less than a foot long. They can get to be rather large at up to 2 feet long. The bottom photo is probably a common fence lizard, which are about 6 inches long slender and ubiquitous. Both are harmless.

  3. Your pictures are gorgeous!!!!! I am going to show them to the kids 🙂 I hope you two are doing well. Tell Jay I said happy birthday!

  4. I am amazed at what Sharon sees and I walk by it daily.

  5. Wow! More beautiful photos!

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