Wolverine Clarification

It was brought to my attention by  John Tewksbury, whom some of you might know simply as Sharon’s dad that some clarification on the wolverine analogy is needed. And I quote:

“I checked out wolverines and found out they look like this

and are fierce, smelly and eat a lot (Latin name means glutton) – didn’t seem like a complete match, and no mention of rapid healing  –  so I Googled images and found Wolverine who looks like this
this guy is still fierce and has Rapid Healing Factor – must be what you meant as a match for Jay – am I right? “
John is of course right about the analogy to the comic book character Wolverine.

2 responses to “Wolverine Clarification

  1. Given the day either description might match, but Jay has much nicer nails than the two shown in the post. That comic book guy has some horrible glue on nails.

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