Jay is Wolverine

Ok, it’s official.  Jay heals faster than humanly possible.  He must be Wolverine or something.


In other words, Jay is doing great.  At his visit to the Phoenix Burn unit yesterday, they said that he was looking great, could switch to a different type of dressing, and after one more week of follow up would probably be considered done with treatment.  He has healthy new skin coming in where the burn used to be.  He has shown absolutely zero signs of infection.  He is already off most of the pain meds.  He can sit on the burn for periods of 15 minutes or more.  If it were not for the pictures I have of the burn during the first week, I would have thought that I dreamed the whole thing.

He’s still being driven nuts by the itching (similar to when you get a bad sunburn or get a tattoo).  He will not be riding his bike right away (unless he tries it trials style and doesn’t sit on the saddle…).  Otherwise, he’s back to normal.

Hopefully he can update the blog next week so that you can get his perspective.  We hope to be back on the road in April after his brother’s wedding.  Thank you all so much for your support.


12 responses to “Jay is Wolverine

  1. Great news! Due not only to his strong constitution but also, I’m sure, to the excellent medical care he got by going to a burn center and with your care of him afterwards. Great, great, great!

  2. Best news ever! I agree with everything Melinda wrote. Hope he continues making such great progress!

  3. ah, the resiliency of youth! The powerful combo of timely medical attention, love, and some rest; what a terrific belated birthday present. Thanks for sharing these joyful tidings, Sharon; way to go, Jay!

  4. So glad to get such a positive report! Go Wolverines!!

  5. It really truly is hard to believe the difference a couple days make. Skin is an amazing organ. I really understand why the expertise of the Burn Centers was so important in doing the right things to promote such straight forward healthy healing along with all the good care and youth.

  6. Sharon and Jay,

    I am so sorry for all you both have been going through. I was away for the spring time and did not have time until today to actually read everything that you both had gone through. What a scary moment for the 2 of us. I just want to praise Sharon for dealing so well with the whole situation. I think I could not have done have of it. I’m very proud of the two of you.
    All my love from here! and I hope Jay keeps recovering the way he is so far!
    I’m very happy to hear he is improving well and he will be able to enjoy his brother’s wedding.
    Take care!

  7. Mariel Tewksbury

    Such good news. Thanks for sharing it!
    Auntie M

  8. This is such welcome news — the result of healthy living and a positive attitude!

  9. WE KNEW YOU WERE A ROBOT JAY!!!!! (rob&nik)


    • Hah, I wish I were a robot. Then I could build myself a shiny new metal @#$. I would be back to riding already then. Getting close thought maybe in another week. Thanks ROB and Niki.

  10. YAY!!!

    …I know…not real deep nor witty, but I’m so glad to see he is doing better!

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