Beer, Bikes, & Bacon Photo Review

Although there haven’t been a lot of Beer, Bikes, and Bacon posts, that does not mean that we have not enjoyed our share of the three.  Here are some photos that show you a sampling.

Fullsteam Brewery

Fullsteam Brewery in Chapel Hill, NC

Jay cooking bacon

Jay in Jess' kitchen, cooking the awesome bacon that Aunt Madelon & Uncle Chris gave us before we left

Jay at Brewery in Atlanta

Jay at the Five Seasons Brewery in Atlanta, GA - we enjoyed an awesome sampler there in addition to a delicious lunch

bacon and spinach

Bacon with spinach and onions for dinner - cooked in the cast iron on the camp stove

bikes in ice

The bikes do not like winter driving

view at Oak Mountain State Park

view from the trail at Oak Mountain State Park, Alabama

Sharon biking near Lake Mead

Sharon on the River Mountains Loop Trail at Lake Mead National Recreation Area

Grapevine Mesa Joshua Tree National Natural Landmark

View from the trails at the Grapevine Mesa Joshua Tree National Natural Landmark


4 responses to “Beer, Bikes, & Bacon Photo Review

  1. Good post! That first brewery looks kind of seedy.

    • Most actual breweries do not look very glamorous from the outside. This one was pretty cheerful inside and there was a nice crowd, including some adorable toddlers that were dancing to the juke box.

  2. Candi Williams

    Hamlet does not approve of the “bacon” in the Beer, Bikes and Bacon. He suggests Turkey Bacon or veggie sausage. :o)

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