Seventh Week In Review – Stuck In Las Vegas

Well, you’ve probably already read the account of the accident that happened one week ago in Death Valley National Park.  This week has been focused on caring for Jay and specifically trying to prevent infection or any other serious consequences.  Although our trip is on hold, I still have a few posts to add that will fill in some of the gaps about where we traveled before the accident happened.  You’ll be seeing those in the next week as well as getting updates on Jay’s progress.  Speaking of Jay’s progress, he seems to be healing normally.  A 2nd degree burn is a very painful injury, even when it’s healing, but he is taking the recovery in stride and finding humor even in the most painful moments.

Today is Jay’s birthday, a day we were hoping to spend in Carson City Nevada, with family, skiing.  He really appreciates the kind words and support that you all have given us over the last week.

Hours volunteered: 0 (unless you count Sharon’s caring for Jay as informal volunteering, in which case it would be the full week)

States: California, Nevada, Arizona

Budget: Over, serious injuries are expensive!

People Visited: Barbara Grostick

Nights under the stars: 0  — Jay was injured this time last week and we have stayed at a hotel and then Barbara’s house

Best meal: Pecan crusted salmon, roasted veggies and caesar salad that Sharon prepared

Best beer: no beer … Jay can’t drink while he’s on pain meds and Sharon doesn’t want to drink while she’s the primary caregiver.  Our last beer was the Boulder Dam Stout which we were toasting with right before the accident happened.

A picture I snapped while refueling near the California / Nevada line where Jay was switched from one ambulance to the next - look closely and you can see the brothel museum in the background



One response to “Seventh Week In Review – Stuck In Las Vegas

  1. Jay, man, happy birthday! I hope you’re giggly and mellow on meds. We are going to a friends’ house (‘friends’ is plural; ‘house’ is not) for dinner tonight and we will raise a toast to you. (I was going to say we would toast you, but I think, under the circumstances, the rephrasing is appropriate… although, hopefully, you are toasted! :-D) Feel better fast, fast, fast! And happy birthday!

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