Sixth Week on the Road

Were back on the road… Which means less frequent blog posts but more interesting stories to eventually tell. Expect a catch up on posts next week.

Hours volunteered: 3 hours near Meadview in the Joshua Tree National Forest, collected 1 crate full of food in Flagstaff, participated in a NAVPLG Board conference call

States: Arizona, Nevada (headed to CA tonight)

Budget: not sure, probably a little over

People Visited: Cathy and Aaron Tomasi, Deidre Crawley, Kathy Farretta, Terri Tupper, Shannon Benjamin, Josh

Nights under the stars: 3 … All at different sites around Lake Mead

Best meal: Dinner at Diedre’s in Flagstaff

Best beer: Boulder Dam Brewery Stout

homemade donuts

Homemade baked donuts at Cathy's house


One response to “Sixth Week on the Road

  1. Welcome back!

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