More mountain biking

Some of you probably want to know where has Jay been riding lately. There have been a few rides well worth mentioning. First up is the Black Canyon Trail or BCT. The BCT starts in New River, Arizona and when finished will end in Prescott, Arizona. I rode the little pan loop section with my dad and my brother. The trail here is very fast and fun with seemingly endless curves and switch backs. It traverses the canyon several times and offered up thousands of feet of elevation throughout the 18 or so miles we covered. There are a few challenging parts but mostly it is well groomed single track. The trail here flows very well.  It’s an instant favorite. The BCT folks are really producing some high quality trail and getting it done fast. Certainly a success story here.

Next up a Wednesday night ride in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve. Reoccurring night rides with groups of friends that end at bar/restaurants are always a good thing.  Many avid mountain bikers are familiar with this concept.

Finally the most recent ride, The Dells in Prescott. While in Prescott visiting my grandmother I called up my long time friend and current Prescott resident Rick Brazil to arrange for some riding. Its always good to tap into local knowledge. The area Rick led me to is home to a variety of granite slick rock that simply must be experienced. More than half of the ride time out here is on solid rock. The local trail group, Prescott Mountain Bike Alliance, is doing good things out here.


3 responses to “More mountain biking

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun, but as the internet is famous for saying…pics or it didn’t happen.

    Just razzing you, Jay.

  2. Sometime when you have a slow news day, explain to those of us who are not biking people how you do a night ride? How do you know where you’re going? How do you keep it safe? What’s the thrill of it? Thanks!!

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